Miki Island Digital Team Simulation

We combine the engagement of experiential learning and gaming, robustness of behavior science
and power of technology & data to accelerate teams’ performance at scale.

A fun & engaging multi-player
game-based learning program

Participants play one of the five different roles in the team, attempting to reach the marine base across the Island. Throughout the journey, the team will have to manage resources, overcome obstacles and a changing landscape as well as effectively make effective strategic decisions, learning about High Performing Team and Agile decision-making in a VUCA environment through facilitator-led debrief and business application workshop.

100% Digital & Collaborative
Engaging, Fun & Interactive
Insightful debrief and coaching conversations
Anchored in Research
Integrated Team Assessment
For Team Coaches & Training Organizations: certification program and licensing of Miki Island team simulation and its team assessment
For Corporates: Team Coaching Journeys, Team Building, Leadership Programs

Leveraging 30+ years of Research

The Group Development Questionnaire® and the Integrated Model of Group Development based on Susan Wheelan’s research form the foundation of a new digital & collaborative learning solution developed with the purpose to enhance team performance.

Especially in remote and virtual teams, Miki Island experiential learning program is a great way to practice teamwork for performance improvement. 

The combination of doing and reflecting as well as being both concrete and theoretical is promising for learnings about team development!


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The Power of Experiential Learning

Our game Miki Island™ has been designed with those specific learning outcomes in mind and reflect real-life business challenges teams face in the workplaceOur world-class facilitators make it a unique and engaging experience that participants will never forget!!


Get certified and elevate your leadership and team coaching program.

Why does it works?

The Group Development Questionnaire® and the Integrated Model of Group Development based on Susan Wheelan’s research form the foundation of a new digital & collaborative learning solution developed with the purpose to enhance team performance.

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The Storyline

After being rewarding with an end-of-the-year retreat to Hawaii with your team for your outstanding team performance, you’re packing with what you need most – sun cream, bikinis, luggage… and jump on the plane.

You’re lucky. You have on the plane with you the world’s famous Adventurer Grizz! As you fly over Miki Island in the Pacific Ocean, the island she discovered a few years ago, she gives you a tour and you learn that Miki comes from the Hawaian word “Quick & Nimble”! She had indeed to be extremely agile to survive over there.

Suddenly, the plane encounters some technical issues. With the drop in the atmosphere, everyone passes out and the plane crashes somewhere on Miki Island.

You wake up and your team is the only survivor. You have a limited amount of days to reach the marine base across the Island, and have limited information!

Your mission is to go through the island jungle to the only rescue point, or you will die. Many dangers await for you in the Island…

Only the strong will survive!

The Gameplay: we engage everyone

During the experience, each team member has a specific role to take to contribute to the teams’ performance. 

  • Everyone will need to show up, or the team survival will be at risk!
  • The Foodie managing resources
  • The Strategist with line of sight towards the goal
  • The Communicator to ensure everyone’s aligned
  • The Data Scientist to work through all information
    The Adventure Guide to drive the journey on the island

Learning Outcomes


With the time pressure of 60 minutes to reach the rescue point, will teams be able to have an inclusive decision-making process, or will this become a one-person show? 


To become more effective, teams will have to develop trust and cooperate effectively to make effective decision-making that will allow them to maximize their performance in the game.


 With the ever-changing island landscape, your team will have to adjust its strategies and tactics for survival in order to reach the rescue point as fast as possible.


The team will have to auto-regulate and effectively stop & reflect to become High Performing by the end of the journey!

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  • Team Assessment
  • Miki Island team simulation
  • Digital Collaboration & Learning activities
  • Create Teams and sessions


  • Coaching conversations and practice
  • Networking with coaches and facilitators
  • Support all the way to your first live client session!


  • Sales materials and business cases
  • Research paper & educational materials
  • Facilitator guide & Platform how-to documents
  • Access to our community of certified consultants and team coaches

Your Investment

Price in Singapore dollars

Miki Island &
Team Assessment Certification

1,5 day Certification program
Access to our platform
10 User licenses Miki Island
10 User licenses Team Assessment (Short)
2h coaching conversation for your first live session

Team Coaching 
Certification Bundle

3-month certification program
E-learning on IMGD Team Maturity Model
2h coaching conversation for your first live session
10 User licenses Team Assessment (Long)
Include Miki Island Certification package

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