Diagnose your team effectiveness
& group maturity level

We combine the engagement of experiential learning and gaming, robustness of behavior science
and power of technology & data to accelerate teams’ performance at scale.

Diagnose your team needs​.

The GDQ report® is an intuitive tool that provides deep insights into your group. The group members answer a questionnaire, each based on extensive research. Once all the responses have been collected, an insightful and editable report unique to your group is generated automatically.

Team effectiveness & maturity level.

The GDQ report® enables your team to diagnose its group maturity level, assess the team effectiveness and productivity ratio as well as identify key developmental areas to truly become a Stage 4 High Performing Team. 

Stage Diagnosis

Diagnose your team maturity level:

  • Stage 1: Dependency and Inclusion
  • Stage 2: Counter-dependency & Fighting
  • Stage 3: Trust & Structure
  • Stage 4: Work & Productivity

Team Effectiveness & Productivity Ratio

Measure your team effectiveness & productivity ratio at the beginning and at the end of the team development journey!

Subscale Analysis

The goal of the subscale analysis is to identify items that merit more attention from the team. It is a source of information on what the team may need to change or start doing differently to become more efficient.

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