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The certification process was fun, efficient and experience-based as we both tried the Miki Island Experience as participants, as well as having a step-by-step facilitators walkthrough of the whole process.

The link to GDQ and IMGD gives it credibility and you can easily see team behaviors from daily work reflected in the Miki Island experience.

It is a great tool to start a leadership or group development program of larger scale, as well as a stand-alone team activity! I highly recommend it!

Tuva Sjostrom

Owner & Team Coach, Ledarverkstan AB

The new simulation to enhance team performance

The Group Development Questionnaire® Short and the Integrated Model of Group Development based on Susan Wheelan’s research form the foundation of a new, digital solution developed with the purpose to enhance team performance.

Face to face or Digital Delivery
2-4h Engaging, Fun & Interactive workshop
Insightful debrief and coaching conversations
Anchored in Research
Integrated Team Assessment

How can you use it with your clients and teams?

A highly versatile learning solution to build Agile & High Performing teams at scale! Join our certification program today or get in touch to know how we can get your teams to accelerate their performance!

Team Performance & Agility, elevated by technology, data and science!

This is made possible through apartnership between aeqlia & GDQ Associates, leading research company with 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams.

Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. 

Join our Miki Island certification program!

Join our upcoming certification programs to become certified and run
Miki Island and its integrated team assessment with your teams and organization!


  • Team Assessment
  • Miki Island team simulation
  • Digital Collaboration & Learning activities
  • Create Teams and sessions

THE PROCESS – 1,5 day of online certification to learn:

  • How to use our all-in-one platform
  • To Facilitate Miki Island and coach on observed behaviors
  • To Use the GDQ Short Team Assessment and the IMGD Model of 4 stages of team development
  • The foundation and learning philosophy of game-based learning program & the Kolb’s learning cycle
  • How to use our sales materials for various needs: Team building, team coaching and leadership programs


  • Sales materials and business cases
  • Research paper & educational materials
  • Facilitator guide & Platform how-to documents
  • Access to our community of certified consultants and team coaches

Upcoming Certification Program Dates

What you get: benefits of being a licensed facilitator

Miki Island and its integrated team assessment is a tool and and workshop that is proven with hundreds of certified facilitators and 3000+ of participants. Join the worldwide movement to bridge the gap between theory & practice and Build Agile & High Performing Teams at scale!

    • Original and exclusive courseware materials provided in many languages
    • Read-made sales deck, marketing materials and workshop materials!
    • Keep updated and engaged through our exclusive Facilitators Newsletter & Community of practice
    • Exclusive resources on Agile & High Performing Teams

    • Your profile and public events on the website

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