Let's Build
Agile & High Performing Teams!

We design Innovative Team Training Solutions
to improve your team performance

We are not like traditional training companies

We combine the engagement of experiential learning and gaming, robustness of behavior science and 
power of technology & data to accelerate teams’ performance at scale.
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Range of Team Simulations!

Add practice into your executive leadership programs with our team simulations for a higher learning effectiveness and clients' satisfaction.

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Anchored in Research

Not just fun, our team simulations are research based, fitting perfectly with the

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Highly Customizable

Customize the debrief to fit within the overall learning outcomes of your executive leadership programs!

+5000 are trust us to drive team performance!

 Our Clients are Corporates, Individual Coaches, Training Organizations & Executive Educators


Our Services. What we offer.

A highly versatile learning solution to build Agile & High Performing teams at scale! 

Team Simulations
Team Assessment
Leadership Development Program
Team Coaching Journeys

Our Hero Product

Play your way to better team performance with Miki Island

High time to invest in your teams. Today!

Today’s learning solutions are not designed to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Indeed, too many learning & coaching solutions are tailored for individuals, failing to consider the group as a single entity. It’s high time to invest in your team development.


Of CEOs believe it is important to shift to a team centric model today


Felt “Very Ready” for this shift


Rated themselves as “Very Effective” at managing teams

Team Performance, elevated by technology, data and science!

This is made possible through a partnership between aeqlia & GDQ Associates, leading research company with 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams.

Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. 

Not just better collaboration. Better performance.

A measurable, data-driven and scalable solution to improve team performance at scale. Anchored in research. 


Team Simulations

Collective Intelligence

Technology & Data

World-class coaching

Becoming a High Performing Team can be a tumultuous journey. And unfortunately, not all teams get there…

We know the way and will guide your team to Stage 4 of High Performance in a fun and engaging way.

High Performing teams benefit business with:

  • Improved team effectiveness by 30%
  • More satisfied customers and managers 
  • Higher level of work satisfaction
  • Lower level of emotional exhaustion 
  • Manage money better in the financial sector 
  • Greater ability to adopt to agile ways of working

Team Diagnostic and Assessment Tool to measure ROI

The team assessment enables your team to diagnose its group maturity level and measure its effectiveness and productivity ratio. 

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