Our very own Podcast #AllAboutTæms​

#AllAboutTæms Video Podcast

It’s here!

Introducing #AllAboutTæms, our video podcast from aeqlia where we will interviewing guests across all industries about anything that relates to team and team development!

Join us every two weeks for fun and insightful conversations!

Podcast Episodes!

We speak with Adrian Tan about the importance of Collective Intelligence and the role of technology & data to future-proof your learning organization!

We speak with Bram de Block, Global Agile Lead at Skyline Communications, exploring how to build self-organized and autonomous Agile Teams!

For this episode, we speak with Rekha Ahmed, Senior VP of Learning & Development, exploring how to leverage the talent of the individuals to enhance the team performance

We speak with Kalsang Tanzin, Head of Enterprise Relationship Management at LinkedIn, exploring the keys to successfully leading teams through change.

We speak with Sarah Wills Carlsson, Managing Director at Nspir AB, exploring how to successfully leading highly diverse and multi-cultural teams

We follow up with Sarah Wills Carlsson to dive deeper into specific tools that you can use as a team coach and/or leader to leverage the diversity of your team!

We speak with Mia Liljeberg, Top 50 Global Thought Leader and influencer exploring how to successfully lead remote & hybrid teams in a lean agile office!

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