🤝 Providing training and employment for the vulnerable communities & disadvantaged who wants to turn their lives around. ​

We are delighted to announce this collaboration with the purpose of providing training and employment for the disadvantaged who wants to turn their lives around. 🤝

Founded by Anil David, Agape Connecting People is providing ex-offenders, single mothers, the physically challenged, and other vulnerable communities in Singapore a unique opportunity to develop key skills. Together, we will be helping people around re-skilling, learning agility and mindset shift in a fun, engaging and interactive way through our unique Miki Island experiential learning 1-day program.

Even more work in the pipeline for us with accredited programs coming soon for the larger public and companies as well!

👏 A big shout out to the amazing team at Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd, making a difference in people’s lives, one day at a time!!!

Joseph See Anil David Mohammed Saleem Anita Simon Ashish Singh Nooren Rabu

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