🤝 Markus Karner from SMU joins our Advisor Board

We all know that onboarding starts way before Day 1 and continues long after the first week in an organization.

We are delighted to be working with Hyppies.com, known for pushing the recruitment way beyond a skill matching exercise and considering the team culture and dynamics as a key to a successful recruitment & onbarding process.

Together, we are able to provide organizations with an integrated solution that covers the end to end talent acquisition process from sourcing and assessing up to developing and onboarding new leaders to accelerate individuals and teams performance!

Looking forward to supporting newly recruited leaders unleash their team’s potential with our integrated solution!

Jérôme (Joseph) Remeur Xiau Wei Ong Choon Weng Tan

Miki Island© is an engaging learning experience that enables teams to accelerate their team performance and allows the newly recruited leader to understand the dynamic of the team he will lead. 

Fully digital and based on 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams, it is a perfect solution to create a great onboarding experience, understanding and bonding for both the new leader and its team.

jerome remeur

founder & ceo hyppies.com

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