The keys to successfully leading teams through change with, Kalsang Tanzin, Head of Enterprise Relationship Management at LinkedIn

🎤 For this episode, we speak with Kalsang Tanzin, Head of Enterprise Relationship Management, NAMER, Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, exploring how to successfully leading teams through change!

What we spoke about:

* Her own leadership journey, and how speaking her heart and thoughts early on helped her to become a more effective leader for her team

* Her memory of being part of a High Performing Team, and how the leader gave space intentionally to all team members to connect!

* Why leading change is such an important skillset for any leader in the context of the current changes happening in the workplace today

* It starts with creating energy and defining a compelling vision together with the team

* The importance of celebrating and the role of rewards in driving change initiatives

* How to consider team members’ feeling and emotions: are they detractors, neutral or advocates (passive and active)?

* The need to create a psychological safe space for team members to disagree, challenge and share their opinions and beliefs

* Crafting a compelling vision of the ideal future state as well as a sense of urgency towards why the change needs to happen now!

* Having the courage to talk openly about what happens if the team fails, and what does it mean for the team members

* Creating feedback loops for the team, and involving everyone to contribute to the team’s vision and roadmap to get buy in 

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