Embed a leadership mindset into your organization

Personalized, engaging and impact-driven leadership programs to build performant and unified teams.

How it works? We co-create with you face to face and online experiences lasting from a days up to 3 months.

With our “lego block” approach, we allow clients to craft and customize their own team building experience based on their needs, time and budget. Our team building experiences can range from half a day to 2 days and are tailored to the clients’ and teams’ context.

Team Assessment

Game-based Simulations

Business Application Workshops


Learning Reinforcement

Our leadership programs

Effective Communication

Powerful Storytelling

Strategy & Tactics

Agile Leadership

Leading High Performing Teams

Leading Change

Team Performance, elevated by technology, data and science!

This is made possible through apartnership between aeqlia & GDQ Associates, leading research company with 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams.

Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. 

The Business Impact of High Performing Teams

Our Team Building experience relies on 30+ years of research around Agile & High Performing teams and group dynamics, hence ensuring a high ROI and business impact.

Research has shown that teams that achieve Stage 4 (High performing):

  • Have more satisfied customers and managers (Wheelan, 1998)
  • Have more surviving patients in intensive care (Wheelan, 2003)
  • Have members that experience higher level of work satisfaction and lower level of emotional exhaustion (Jacobson, 2014)
  • Produce more goods in the manufacturing industry (Wheelan & Furbur, 2006)
  • Manage money better in the financial sector (Wheelan, 2005)
  • Have a greater ability to adopt to agile ways of working (Gren, 2017)

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