Accelerating Performance
in the first 100 days

The Challenge is a new recruitment agency with the right balance between a Human warm-hearted approach and meaningful HR technologies is at the core of what we do (Recruitment & Engagement, HR Technologies and Software, Consulting and Contracting).

Set up in in 2020, we worked with the newly formed Management & Leadership team to create sustainable ways of working and accelerate their team development to reach Stage 4 of High Performance in their first 100 days.

The Outcome

The team enjoyed the process so much and decided to bring the offering to some of their clients. We are now partnering with to offer a 100-day onboarding program for their clients to ensure a successful start as part of their recruitment services!

The Journey created a fun and safe environment for the team to discuss everyone’s working style as well as stop and reflect on our performance back at work.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to create high performing teams within their organization, especially for team onboarding!

Xiau Wei Ong

Vice President,

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