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Executive education department work with us to integrate our team simulations within their leadership programs for higher learning effectiveness!

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Range of Team Simulations!

Anchored in Research

Highly Customizable

Add practice into your executive leadership programs with our team simulations for a higher learning effectiveness and clients’ satisfaction.

Not just fun, our team simulations are research based, fitting perfectly with the

Customize the debrief to fit within the overall learning outcomes of your executive leadership programs!

Our Hero Product

Play your way to better team performance with Miki Island

Join our growing network of partners!

We are very happy to have onboarded on this journey with Aeqlia.

Their new solution is a perfect complement in our growing portfolio to offer the market both through our partner network and for regional roll-outs with clients.

Aeqlia brings a new perspective on team building and team coaching that will fit very well with our other offerings.

Ola Källqvist

President & CEO, Celemi

How does it work? Everything you need under one roof

Our all-in-one team development platform allows you to improve your team coaching programs, at scale!

High Performing & Agile Teams

Developed in partnership with GDQ Associates, leading research company, Miki Island allows leaders to experience and practice the behaviors of High Performing & Agile Teams!

Digital Transformation

In the team simulation Cayenne™, participants will act as advisors in a project – an IT roll-out of a new system. The project has been finalized, but in hindsight it was not a success, nobody’s satisfied. The project failed to deliver as expected, the potential value was insufficiently tapped and there were overruns.

Business Finance & Acumen

Through a number of interactive exercises related to a company, participants will get an understanding of key financial concepts.

This is a way of creating a common understanding throughout the organization. Participants taking part in the program win by understanding how their normal business decisions impact the financials.

It is an interactive, serious fun program, with an energizing mix of individual, team, and full group exercises.

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