Agile Ways of Working:
from theory to practice

Personalized team development journeys

Digital Transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation within the organization.

Scaling Agile

Scale Agile ways of working with fun, engaging and results-driven journey.

Squads & Product Teams

Improve your agile ways of working.

Boosting Agile Growth. The business case.

Skyline Communication is a global leading supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor NMS, OSS and orchestration software solutions for the broadband and media industry. While many leaders and teams had been trained on Agile, some still struggled to fully implement agile processes and methodologies in their everyday ways of working.

I am impressed by the amount of real work-life value teams have taken from this journey. Not only it was interesting, but it’s applicable.

The set of changes in behavior and attitudes initiated have boosted the agile growth and performance of our teams.


Global agile lead, skyline communications

The Team journey: people first!

Agile Mindset

Self-organized Team

Aligned Behaviors

Increased productivity

Focused on Behaviors & Mindset

Simply asking for teams to become agile won’t take you there. We work with teams to improve their agile ways of working, in practice, through a focus on Behaviors and Mindset.

  • Focus on Individuals & Interactions
  • Continuous development and early start
  • Responding to change over following a plan!

Personalized journey, adapted to your team maturity

Agile teams at different group development stages adopt parts of team agility differently. We adapt and adjust the journey based on your team maturity to optimize the results.

Energized & Motivated team members.

Starting a movement is easy. Sustaining the change is hard. We ensure the team journey is highly engaging, interactive and fun for all. 

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