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Our Digital Team Development platform allow us to accelerate your team performance:

  • Team Assessment
  • Game-based learning program
  • Team Coaching Sessions
  • Digital Collaboration

Business Case: Improved efficiency & product delivery

We saw significant team efficiency improvements throughout the journey.

More importantly, 3 months later, the team is still applying the
learnings and we have seen incredible results in project delivery
as well as internal communication!

Ludovic gilbert

chief operating officer, pixium digital

Creating Stage 4 teams.

The GDQ research has shown that teams that achieve Stage 4 (High performing):

  • Have more satisfied customers and managers (Wheelan, 1998)


  • Have more surviving patients in intensive care (Wheelan, 2003)


  • Have members that experience higher level of work satisfaction and lower level of emotional exhaustion (Jacobson, 2014)


  • Have a greater ability to adopt to agile ways of working (Gren, 2017)

Our Team Development Journey.

  1. Dependency and inclusion. The purpose of stage one is to create a sense of belonging and the beginnings of predictable patterns of interaction.

  2. Counterdependency and fighting. The purpose of stage two is to develop a set of goals, values, and operational procedures.

  3. Trust and structure. Stage three is characterized by more mature negotiations about roles, organization, and procedures. Also, members work together to solidify positive relationships.

  4. Work and productivity. At stage four, work groups become teams. Leaders and members need to do certain things to keep performing ata high level, such as clearly defining their problems and being evaluated regularly.

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