Leveraging the talent of the individuals for the team performance with Rekha Ahmed, Senior VP of Learning & Development

🎤 For this episode, we speak with Rekha Ahmed, Senior VP of Learning & Development, exploring how to leverage the talent of the individuals to enhance the team performance

What we spoke about:

* What does Rekha stand for: Responsible, Empathetic, Kreative and Heatful and Amicable

* Her career journey from a lecturer in Clinical Nutrition to Sales & Marketing and now becoming Senior VP Learning & Development at HDFC Bank

* Her “not so good memory” with a team she was leading, and what she learnt out of it: if it can happen to me, it can happen to others!

* No secret recipe: be authentic, intentional and genuine!

* The importance of always being available to your team, and the impact she made in her team at Standard Chartered Bank

* How small conversations can have big impact on your team members and team performance 

* Be genuinely interested in your team members, their growth and development to build a High Performing Team

* The importance of setting your own ego on the side as a team leader to harness your team members’ potential

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