Accelerating Performance
for Remote Teams

Typical challenges of Remote & Distributed Teams

Culture fading

Drained Energy & Motivation

Misaligned goal & expectation

Productivity Loss

We're serious about improving
your team's performance and impacting your business results
And we make sure the journey is
fun, engaging & enjoyable
for everyone in the team!

Our Team Development Journey.

Team Diagnostic

Diagnose your team effectiveness and identify key development areas for your team to improve its performance.

Engaging game-based learning experience

We use our Miki Island multi-player game-based learning program to allow teams to practice and experience the behaviors and characteristics of Agile & High Performing Teams in a psychologically safe environment. All digital & Remote.

Business Application Workshop & Assignments

Digital collaboration, action planning and team assignments with your team to apply the learnings back in the flow of work for improved performance

Team & Leader led workshops

Take resposnibility for your team development and use our workshops in your team meetings, in the flow of work.

Business Case: Accelerating Performance and overcoming Covid-19 work from home challenges!

The journey brought the regional team together and created an inclusive and connective tissue between colleagues.

It was a very immersive and energizing journey to facilitate our teams’ key learnings of high performing teams, inclusive collaboration and agile decision making all for performance improvement back at work!

Anne lepissier

general manager, microsoft

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