All-in-one Digital Team Development Platform

We combine the engagement of experiential learning and gaming, robustness of behavior science
and power of technology & data to accelerate teams’ performance at scale.

All-in-one Digital Team Development Platform

Team Simulations
Team Assessment
Leadership Development Program
Team Coaching Journeys

For every type of Teams. Every type of needs.

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Powered by technology & data.
Anchored in research. Human above all.

Engaging Learning Activities

Wordcloud, team assessment, multiple choice questions. A large range of digital activities to engage the teams throughout the journey!

Digital & Collaborative Game-based learning

We use our Miki Island multi-player game-based learning program to allow teams to practice and experience the behaviors and characteristics of Agile & High Performing Teams in a psychologically safe environment.


Data-driven diagnostic and measurement

Through our partnership with GDQ Associates, leading research company, our approach is founded on 30+ years of research and development around High Performing Teams by Susan Wheelan, PhD.

Digital Collaboration

Creation of action plan to move from awareness to behavior change for performance improvement in the flow of work. 

Curated Content

Throughout the journey we engage team leaders and team members with specifically curated content to help them contribute to the team development process.

Team Performance, elevated by technology, data and science!

This is made possible through a partnership between aeqlia & GDQ Associates, leading research company with 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams.

Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. 

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