The keys to leading remote & hybrid teams in a lean agile office with, Mia Liljeberg, Top 50 global thought leader and influencer and TEDx speaker

🎤 For this episode, we speak with Mia Liljeberg, Top 50 Global Thought Leader and influencer exploring how to successfully lead remote & hybrid teams in a lean agile office!

What we spoke about:

* Her own journey travelling around the world in 100 countries, working in 20 countries and living in 10 countries

* The need to put more emphasis on the emotional side and empathy when collaborating remotely with colleagues and team mates

* Learning from the Swedish culture with FIKA: a Swedish coffee break to create connections and relationships to enhance the organizational culture and fight culture fading!

* Why we cannot negotiate with reality today and how successful organizations have leveraged technology to improve collaboration and agile ways of working

* The mindsets shifts needed for lean agile office:  Me to We, Task to flow and asynchronous work

* Some tips to increase the effectiveness of your team meetings remotely!

* The importance of reflection and retrospectives for teams to become High Performing and more agile in practice

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