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Agility, from theory to practice!

A recent survey from Capgemini found that more than 90% of organizations practice Agile to some degree, but fewer than 20% have achieved a high level of competency with Agile practices across the organization.

The latest research from our partner GDQ Associates measured the correlation between 8 agile practices and group maturity, establishing a direct correlation between Team Maturity and Agile ways of working: 

  • Agile teams at different group development stages adopt parts of team agility differently
  • An agile implementation and management of agile projects need to be adapted to the group maturity levels of the agile teams.

Team Performance & Agility, elevated by technology, data and science!

This is made possible through apartnership between aeqlia & GDQ Associates, leading research company with 30+ years of research around High Performing Teams.

Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. 

Why Agile Coaches & Teams chooose us!

Engaging & Fun

Highly engaging and fun team workshops for the team to experience and practice the behaviours of Agile & High Performing Teams.

Attitude & mindset

Agility is a mindset first and foremost. We leverage the collective intelligence of the group to create Agile & High Performing Teams.

Data-driven & Measurable

We use a team assessment to measure the team dynamic, productivity ratio and effectiveness. 

Anchored in research

Our approach relies on our research partners’ work to ensure we bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Our Hero Product

Play your way to better team performance with Miki Island

How we can help your teams!

Whatever your need, budget and time, we have you covered!

Team Assessment & Debrief

Start with a clear team diagnostic and measure your team effectiveness, team productivity ratio and group dynamics. 

Developed by a research company, the team report will give you a clear view of your current team performance and identify key areas of development!

Team Simulations & Workshops

I am impressed by the amount of real work-life value teams have taken from this journey. Not only it was interesting, but it’s applicable.

Team Coaching Journeys

3-6 month personalized team development journeys to improve the adoption of agile principles and ways of working!

Off-the-shelf or customizable, the journeys integrate all of the elements needed to improve your team performance back at work!

Join our Miki Island certification program!

Join our upcoming certification programs to become certified and run
Miki Island and its integrated team assessment with your teams and organization!


  • Team Assessment
  • Miki Island team simulation
  • Digital Collaboration & Learning activities
  • Create Teams and sessions

THE PROCESS – 1,5 day of online certification to learn:

  • How to use our all-in-one platform
  • To Facilitate Miki Island and coach on observed behaviors
  • To Use the GDQ Short Team Assessment and the IMGD Model of 4 stages of team development
  • The foundation and learning philosophy of game-based learning program & the Kolb’s learning cycle
  • How to use our sales materials for various needs: Team building, team coaching and leadership programs


  • Sales materials and business cases
  • Research paper & educational materials
  • Facilitator guide & Platform how-to documents
  • Access to our community of certified consultants and team coaches

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